Eco Update Autumn / Winter 2015

This year the aims of Eco group will include:

  • Continuing to develop our school sensory garden
  • Re-planting new plants in our school grounds
  • trying to improve the amount of paper recycled in school
  • Promoting recycling of paper, textiles and re-introducing compost bins in each class for food waste
  • continuing to send home letters of information to eldest child in each family
  • organising a walk to school week during Summer term
  • monitoring the switching on / off of lights in classes
  • ensuring that all computers and iPads are switched off when not in use

The Prep Eco team have enjoyed re-planting plants in the school grounds and have been looking after these plants each week by ensuring they have enough water. We will also be issuing all classes with food and paper bins before Christmas to encourage all classes to recycle.

Miss Hamilton

Posted on November 23, 2015 .