Fair Trade Week

The Fairtrade action group are delighted to report that Fairtrade Week was a huge success. We all completed fun Fairtrade lessons in class and we discovered what countries Fairtrade supports and why it is so important. The Fairtrade action group worked so incredibly hard at putting together their tuckshop. We priced different items online, worked out our costs, and made posters and leaflets to promote the event. We designed our own funny face bananas and made some delicious hot chocolate cones. Our tuckshop was very popular and we sold out of everything! We managed to make a profit of over £40 which was wonderful and will help with our future events and to promote Fairtrade. Thanks to the fantastic persuasion skills in P7, we also enjoyed a Fairtrade dessert at canteen on Friday which was a lovely treat. Well done girls!

Posted on March 4, 2019 .