Our 2018-2019 IAG Representatives

Prep 1 – Emelie Fell, Sophia Johnston & Megan Wells

Prep 2 – Anna Ingram & Cara Savage

Prep 3 – Florence Stockdale& Zara McMahon

Prep 4 – Sophie Corry & Charlotte Oliphant

Prep 5 – Orla Mallon & Ruby McIlroy

Prep 6 – Lilly Patterson & Marin McCloskey

Prep 7 – Fiona Clancy & Raine Martin

The International Action Group recognise and celebrate cultural diversity within our school and local community. This will include organising and celebrating Christmas around the world, Chinese New Year and International School Meals Day.

Through the work of IAG we aim to encourage all pupils to become global citizens, being aware of their rights and responsibilities and the rights and responsibilities of others. We will therefore be joining the campaign to help all children, especially girls, to be able to go to school.


Posted on September 13, 2018 .