International Languages Week

Pupils from all classes across Prep have enjoyed participating in a range of exciting activities as they have celebrated International Week of Languages from 22nd to 26th September.


Whole school projects involved the creation of colourful map displays depicting countries visited and languages spoken by the girls during the summer holidays while individual classes focused on studying a specific country or culture.


Special visitors and friends with links to the girls made appearances throughout the week to classrooms, where they shared their language and culture and even allowed the girls to taste some goodies from their native countries. Pupils from Prep 6 and 7 were particularly delighted to participate in an African drumming workshop at the end of the week.


At a special assembly on Thursday 25th September, Mrs. Burnett outlined the global focus on celebrating languages throughout Europe on 26th September and invited two of our staff members to talk to the girls about their backgrounds. Mrs. Munoz, from Pre- Pre School shared a very interesting presentation about her native Mexico while Mrs. Bari-Vig from Pre-School gave us all a flavour of life in her native Hungary.


On Friday 26th September, the girls and staff were delighted to have the opportunity to round off our celebrations by dressing up in colourful and imaginative costumes from different cultures and by feasting on international snacks at break time!


A big thank you to the staff, pupils, parents and friends for your enthusiasm and participation in the celebration of this special week in Prep! Your support is much appreciated.


A special thank you to Mrs Boyd and Mrs Burnett for organising such fun and informative international events!

Posted on October 6, 2014 .