Christmas Fun

Hey Ewe!

Of all the sheep in the flock, the smallest, youngest ewe is the most inquisitive. She is always busy getting under the shepherds' feet, asking questions and demanding to know exactly what is going on. One night, however, while all the other sheep are trying to sleep, some extraordinary events unfold that excite her curiosity more than ever before!

Hey Ewe proved to be a real success with all the girls from Prep 1 to Prep 7 thoroughly enjoying the songs and dance routines. Prep 3 lead an all star cast and were supported by Prep 2 in the role of busy townspeople and Prep 1 as a flock of curious sheep!

Thank you also to those parents who helped to serve the refreshments.

Carol Singing in CastleCourt

In December Prep 4 went carol singing to raise money for the Northern Ireland Cancer Fund for Children in CastleCourt Shopping Centre. The highlight of the trip was travelling on the bus to and from town! It was great fun and we hope we raised a lot of money for charity. 

Christmas Parties

The girls had a wonderful time at the end of term at their Christmas parties, especially when Santa turned up to join in the fun and give them presents!

Posted on January 1, 2014 .