Stand by Me Fundraising Update

On Monday 26 June, Prep had a visit from Jonny who works with the charity Stand By Me to update pupils on the impact of their fundraising last year. During the Summer term of 2016, pupils had ‘walked a mile in their shoes’, taking a short route around Victoria of approximately one mile carrying jerry cans or large milk jugs filled with water. This was to experience a task that many children in developing worlds do daily - walking to and from a water source to bring water to their families. This year, Jonny shared with the pupils what their fundraising had enabled Stand By me to do to improve the lives of children in Ethiopia and Nepal. Our money allowed for water ponchos and underwear to be purchased for the pupils and a water trough to harvest rain water for hand washing to be installed. Thank you to all who helped make these initiatives possible.

Posted on June 27, 2017 .