Ulster Teachers' Union Competition

Congratulations to our Prep 7 pupil who won a competition run by the Ulster Teachers’ Union (UTU) encouraging pupils to think creatively about schools of the future. The UTU had asked students to imaging they were in charge of education and to submit ideas for improving and enhancing schools. Some popular ideas were reducing the school week to Tuesdays-Thursdays, providing the teachers with massage chairs to ease the stress of their jobs, or introducing a pets petting corner to encourage sensitivity and creativity within schools. Mrs Gilpin from the UTU attended assembly on Thursday 29 June to present Anna with a certificate and a large bag of stationery which should ensure that she is busy over the summer break. Well done Anna!

If I were in charge of school.

If I were in charge of school

There would be no uniform.

If I were in charge of school,

Bank holiday, every Monday.

Homework, what's that?

School work - skipping in the playground, more like.

School dinners - pizza, pudding, cake,

Ice cream and custard. Everything.

If I were in charge of school,

There would be no point of it anyway.

By Anna  

Posted on June 29, 2017 .