Autumn in Prep 2

In Prep 2 this half term we have been enjoying lots of fun activities.

We had a visit from ’Nanny’, from Mountstewart as part of our Toys topic.  She brought lots of old photographs and toys from the past for us to look at.  She told us all about how the toys were made and how they worked.  They were very different to the Toys we play with today.  The doll she brought was made of porcelain – it was so delicate that we were only allowed to look at her and not to play with her!  Nanny brought some traditional toys with her that we all had great fun playing with before she left.  We really enjoyed her visit!

We have had great fun measuring around school.  We have been using our, hands, feet cubes and sticks to measure lots of things from benches in the hall to our Interactive Whiteboard in the classroom.

We love being scientists in Prep 2! This term we are conducting some science investigations as part of our topic work.  We feel like real scientists in a lab when we were wear our white coats and we can make predictions and record our method and results.

Posted on December 4, 2015 .