Prep 4 are evacuated to Castle Ward!

On Thursday 11th February, Prep 4 (along with Miss Waugh, Miss Connolly, Miss Kerr and Mrs O’Sullivan), were evacuated to Castle Ward! Thankfully we were very prepared with our gas masks and boxes, our name tags and our wonderful outfits! After a very long bus journey, we eventually arrived at Castle Ward and were greeted by the maids of the house –Polly, Louie and Agnes. They were very excited as they had just been told the wonderful news that WW2 was over. However, they were also a little sad as they had two evacuees living with them (John and Margaret) but they were now having to go back to Belfast because the war had finished. We all had to be very quiet around the house as Lady Bangor was asleep in her room and she did not like to be disturbed! We were taken to one of the kitchens to see what food the cook was making for Lord and Lady Bangor. We were very shocked at some of the ingredients that they had to use during the war – especially parsnip jam!  Afterwards, we went to see what items John was packing in his suitcase to bring home with him. Then we went and met Agnes who was a Land Girl, and she showed us how to plant our own beans! We also got to sing WW2 songs, dress up in costumes, read old newspapers, and play with toys that John and Margaret would have played with. We had a fabulous time and the girls were an absolute credit to the school!

Posted on February 24, 2016 .