International Activities in Prep 5!

P5 Chinese ladies.JPG
French ladies from P5.JPG

The Autumn Term got off to a great start in Prep 5 and we are thoroughly enjoying using our new iPads to enhance our teaching and learning. We worked as authors, illustrators and editors using the Book creator App to publish a book about our school. It was very interesting finding out about the history of Victoria College and comparing and contrasting school life then and now. We are looking forward to welcoming past pupils into our class to gain first hand information and evidence.

In Prep, we celebrated International Language Week, 22nd- 26th September. In class we made French crepes with a variety of tasty toppings  and discussed French cuisine. During our Big Write session that week, we used the procedural writing genre to create our recipe for making crepes.

We welcomed international visitors to share their language and culture. We sang nursery rhymes, traditional songs and practised simple greetings in Cantonese and Bulgarian.

Thank you to Miss Yosef, Luca and Lulu ( Cantonese tutor) for this enjoyable and enriching experience.

Posted on October 22, 2014 .