Prep 5 travel back in time to the Stone Age

Prep 5 enjoyed an engaging, hands-on, Stone Age Man Workshop. This was a fantastic introduction to our new World Around Us topic.

The girls enjoyed being archaeologists as they played, ‘What’s in the Box?’. They used clues to discover what the artefacts were used for in Stone Age times and identified flint tools and weapons.

They had fun dressing up, sketching flint tools, weaving with wool, making a wattle wall, building burial tombs and making Neolithic clay pots.

The girls made their own axes and took part in a wild boar hunt, testing the accuracy of their axe throwing skills. They used flint to light a fire and baked bread.

A big thank you to Rita and Simon from Active Learning for organising an action packed and educational day.

Posted on December 4, 2015 .