Lego Mindstorms Robot

Prep 5 enjoyed the opportunity to visit VCB Junior School to watch a Lego Mindstorms Robot demonstration. Year 9 pupils displayed their ability to programme the robot to solve a set of problems and tasks. It was clear to see why these Year 9 pupils were declared Champion of Champions at the Institution of Engineering and Technology’s (IET) First Lego League (FLL) regional tournament.

Year 9 also exhibited their Learning to Learn Project. Charlotte Roberts, from Prep 5, interacted with Rainbow the robotic puppy who responded to her as she read aloud. The puppy’s rainbow coloured collar lit up as she read from the text and when she stopped reading his collar flashed amber and he whimpered to encourage her to keep reading.

Thank you to Year 9 for showcasing their programming projects.  Prep 5 will have the opportunity to experiment with programming using Scratch and Lego Wedo during Key Stage 2 STEM Club and throughout the summer term. This certainly wet their appetite for programming!

Posted on March 5, 2015 .