Early Man Workshop in Prep 5

On Tuesday 29th November, the Prep 5 girls were taken back in time to the era of the Stone Age as they spent the day exploring what life was like for the hunters and gatherers of that time. We were delighted to invite Rita and Michael from “Eventfull Days” to facilitate a wide variety of experiences for the girls.

Challenges included attempting to hunt a hairy mammoth with a spear, matching descriptions to photographs of tools, weaving, pot making and stone house building to name a few!

The time flew past as each group of girls eagerly approached each new challenge with enthusiasm.

The day concluded with the girls making their own flint headed spears and finally gathering around the fire in the playground to watch how bread was griddled over the flames.

Pippa’s cry of “This was the best day ever!” summed up the feelings of all the girls as they packed their bags at the end of a busy and eventful day!

Posted on December 1, 2016 .