A Busy Term in Prep 5

It has been a busy half term in the Prep 5 classroom as we have enjoyed a trip outside the classroom and have welcomed visitors to share in our lessons too.

Music Morning

On Friday 17th September we travelled by bus to the School of Music to participate and perform in the Music Makers event with other local schools. Mrs Murray and the girls have been learning new songs and creating their own compositions for the last number of weeks.

In Art lessons in class, the girls created a colourful painting representing characters from the song “Stone Soup”, one of the pieces performed on the morning of the event. This Art work was displayed at the School of Music along with contributions from the other schools present. Marin also took to the floor to narrate a composed weather forecast and was accompanied by every girl in the class on a variety of instruments. The music and sounds created depicted the changing weather of course!

Stone Age Workshop

Another highlight for the girls has been our Stone Age workshop. As we embark on this new topic in class, the girls had the opportunity to experience a wide variety of different activities to give them a flavour of life at this time in history. Activities included: weaving, role play hunting, dressing up, pottery, fact finding, studying artefacts, fence making to name but a few! Look out for the photos on Seesaw.

Our thanks go to Rita and Michael from the Active Learning Company for a fantastic day!

We look forward to seeing parents and friends at our Christmas performances.

Kind regards

Mrs. Burnett

Posted on November 29, 2017 .