Prep 5 girls take on new duties as Guardian Angels

As is the custom every year, the Prep 5 girls have taken on the important role of acting as guardian angels to the younger girls in Prep 1.

Before introductions were made, the Prep 5 girls got to work creating welcome cards featuring a photograph of themselves for each of their young charges. There was much excitement in our classroom as each girl was given the name of their Prep 1 pupil, before signing their card and preparing for the play session.

Both groups of girls from Prep 1 and Prep 5 assembled together in the Hall for a time of sharing, action songs and circle games.

The Prep 5 girls have pledged to be a helping hand and support for the younger girls, particularly in the playground and look forward with enthusiasm to carrying out this worthwhile role throughout the year.

Posted on September 18, 2017 .