Prep 5 Stone Age Workshop

On Friday 23rd November the Great Hall was unrecognisable as The Active Learning Company took us back in time to the Stone Age. Prep 5 girls were able to develop their understanding of life in this period through a vast range of exciting challenges.

Activities included creating a Wattle and Daub fence, dressing in bear skins, building stone tombs, making clay pots, hunting wild boar and matching photographs to artefacts to name but a few!

In the afternoon, the girls made their own Mesolithic axes and gathering around a real fire in the playground, were able to watch bread being baked. The bread of course had been made using the grain which the girls had ground in the morning using smooth stones.

The girls all agreed that the full day workshop had been a fantastic introduction to our study of “Life in Early times.”

Posted on December 3, 2018 .