Prep 6 Vikings for the Day

Prep 6 have been busy this term.  We had a fantastic Viking Day with the Ardglass Viking Association. We were lucky enough to have the Prep 6 Inchmarlo boys with us on our Viking day.  Prep 6 were very excited about dressing up as Vikings.  Our day was full of fun activities that made our Viking topic seem real. We got to have an adventure on an amazing Viking longship.  The Ardglass Viking Association had built it by hand from scratch! We used the giant oars to row across the seas and we found out lots of information about Viking food, clothes and their lifestyle.  We also became Viking warriors and received training from our Viking leaders, Shaun and Austin.  We had to create an impenetrable Viking wall with our shields and had to train with our sword fighting.  The Ardglass Vikings were fantastic and really made our Viking activities come to life.   We are already looking forward to sailing on the seas with them on their Viking longship in the spring.

Posted on December 3, 2018 .