Prep 6 Residential in Greenhill YMCA, Newcastle

Our Prep 6 trip to Greenhill YMCA was full of fun, laughs and lasting memories.  The girls excelled at all our activities.  They showed their adventurous side by diving into the lake during canoeing, guarding the ‘President’ in Lasertag, climbing like ‘Spiderman’ on the Climbing Wall and zipping through the trees on the Zipline.  Prep 6 were also fantastic ‘roomies’ with midnight feasts (9pm), late night chats and giggles during our VIP Greenhill Cinema night.  They also loved having the whole of Cocos to explore, eating lots of delicious ice-cream, telling jokes to Mrs Fallon, Mrs Dickson and Mrs Gilmore and walking through the woods in twilight. 

Prep 6 made the residential unforgettable and we are certain more great memories will be made in our fantastic P6 year.     

Posted on September 13, 2018 .