Prep 7 Class Information

Prep 7 is one the most important and enjoyable years for pupils at Victoria College Prep as this is the last year before moving to Senior School. During this final year at Key Stage 2 the girls have opportunities to experience a broad and balanced curriculum, with an emphasis on developing skills for life long learning.

We follow the Northern Ireland Curriculum for Key Stage 2 and prepare the girls through the transition process to secondary school. Assessment is an integral part of the learning programme that helps to build a comprehensive picture of the progress and learning needs of each child.

The Prep 7 teacher is responsible for the girls’ progress in Literacy, Numeracy, World Around Us and The Arts as well as their pastoral care. In addition the pupils receive specialist teaching for French, Music, PE and Drama. Learning opportunities include:

Language and Literacy - the essential skills of writing are further developed through the teaching of advanced punctuation and skills in redrafting and editing. Reading is developed through the teaching of prediction, inference and deduction strategies. Spelling is targeted through a metacognitive approach whilst pupil’s oral communication skills are enhanced through connected talking and listening activities

Numeracy - Pupils develop knowledge, understanding and skills in Number, Shape and Space, Measure, Handling Data and Processes in Mathematics to Level 5 standard. The aim is to develop and consolidate an understanding of mathematical processes and abstract concepts through application, practice and the use of ICT.

Using ICT - ICT is fully integrated into the curriculum and pupils enjoy using a variety of software including Excel, Movie Maker, PowerPoint, Publisher, Scratch and iPads.

World Around Us - Pupils learn through a topic based approach. Topics covered include Space, Titanic and Edinburgh.

Art - Art and Craft activities are inspired by class topics. We study a variety of artists including Van Gogh, George Seurat and Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

Drama - Prep 7 take the lead role in the annual whole school production, and so develop skills in confidence and team work.

Music - Pupils learn to play the recorder and enjoy specialist teaching. In addition, pupils also have the opportunity to receive specialist music tuition from external music tutors in a wide range of musical instruments.

Personal Development and Mutual Understanding - Pupils enjoy activities which encourage them to investigate issues for themselves, to suggest solutions and to make decisions based on what hey have learned.

Physical Development and Movement - Our specialist P.E. teacher delivers the curriculum which includes Athletics, Dance, Hockey, Gymnastics and Swimming.

French - Pupils have the opportunity to learn French and participate in a range of enjoyable activities including singing, drama, games and role play.