Prep 7 Engineers

Prep 7 have enjoyed taking part in weekly Philosophy lessons with students from Queen’s University. The girls also enjoyed an exciting introduction to engineering with Mrs Cheevers where they learnt how to design and build a floating device, testing the buoyancy by counting the numbers of coins it could carry.

Posted on April 3, 2019 .

Prep 7 Philosophers

Prep 7 have been “philosophising”  through enquiry and the exploration of ideas. They are enjoying their Philosophy for Children sessions (delivered by members of Queens University) and are learning that their ideas and the ideas of others have value. They are gaining the confidence to ask questions and learn through discussion and debate.  The girls have also found time to begin learning the songs and take part in auditions for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

Posted on February 4, 2019 .

Prep 7 Treat Day

Prep 7 enjoyed a well-earned ‘treat day’ after all their hard work with the transfer preparations and tests. The girls had a ‘Pizza and Pyjama Party’ in school and very much enjoyed the celebrations and fun!

Posted on December 3, 2018 .

Prep 7 Young Enterprise

P7 are busy developing their Young Enterprise Business Beginnings Company -'Pic N Mix Pencil cases'

The girls have been interviewed and have been assigned roles within the key areas of Marketing, Sales, Events, Management, Production and Finance. We are currently preparing for our two major sales events. One will take place in school at the end of May and one will be held in Victoria Square at the start of June.

We will keep you posted as to how we get on!

Posted on May 9, 2018 .

Spring Term in Prep 7

Prep 7 have enjoyed a busy few months preparing for our show 'The Wizard of Oz Meets Wicked'

All of the girls worked incredibly hard and gave 100% in their roles. Mrs Murray and Mrs Herriot have been delighted with the effort and progress that has been made and in making the show such a success.


Prep 7 also enjoyed Miss McKay teaching the class for 3 weeks. They particularly enjoyed the practical Maths lessons to generate data for our bar graphs.

Prep 7 are also busy preparing for their Young Enterprise business venture. Barry Delahunt from BT is helping the girls develop a product to sell within school and at our marketplace event in Victoria Square in June. Watch out for our exciting product when it launches in May!

Posted on March 26, 2018 .

Prep 7 Explore Learning Workshop

Prep 7 have had a busy month of February and have enjoyed activities leading up to Book Week. They took part in an Explore Learning workshop, learning the skills of persuasive writing. This proved to be a good revision session for the pupils, as they have used the persuasive genre in many pieces of work before. P7 are also in the middle of rehearsals for our whole school show and are enjoying this new experience!

Persuasive writing.jpg
Posted on February 26, 2018 .

Prep 7 Visit to Titanic Centre

Prep 7 enjoyed a visit to the Titanic centre where they enjoyed a guided tour and took part in a communications workshop exploring Morse Code and Semaphore. They also visited the SS Nomadic where they dressed up in the costumes of first class passengers.

Posted on January 31, 2018 .

Autumn Term in Prep 7

Prep 7 have worked incredibly hard this term to prepare for their Transfer tests. They are very much looking forward to the month of December when they get a break from all the testing!  However, despite all the hard work in Maths and English, the girls have enjoyed their Space topic and have been researching the Solar System, space exploration and the moon landings. Once the tests are competed we will be visiting Armagh Planetarium on Monday 4th December to consolidate all our learning. The girls will also be celebrating the end of the tests with a pyjama and pizza party on Wednesday 6th December.

Posted on November 27, 2017 .

A busy start to Prep 7

Prep 7 have started back to school with an extremely hard working attitude. They are all busy preparing for the GL and AQE Transfer tests and are looking forward to December when the tests will be completed!

We are however also enjoying our Topic on Space and have been using the iPads to record our leaning in Apps such as 'Popplet' and 'Tellagami.' We are also looking forward to a visit to Armagh Planetarium later this term.

P7 Prefects.JPG

Prep 7 learn about the earth, moon and sun orbiting sequences.

Posted on September 27, 2017 .

Summer Term in Prep 7

Prep 7 had a visit from Miss McQuillan who brought letters for us from her pupils in Uganda.  We were very excited by the letters and found them very interesting.  It was also fascinating hearing about how they live, what they eat and what their schools are like. Miss McQuillan had 80 children in her P7 class and some of them were as old as 14! She is returning to Uganda in a few weeks so we gave her some replies to take back.

Posted on June 2, 2017 .

Prep Residential Trip to York

The Prep 7 residential trip to York is always a highlight and not only for the girls, but also the staff accompanying the class! This year we visited the ‘Dig!’ centre and the York Chocolate Experience before enjoying a day at Flamingoland theme park and a tour of York Minster Cathedral. The girls were impeccably behaved and a real credit to the school. A lot of fun was had tasting chocolate and enjoying the hair-raising rides but some important lessons were learnt too: always tie your shoelaces tightly before going on a wild rollercoaster and never trust Mrs Hrabovsky when she says she knows where she’s going! Thank you to the pupils for making this such a memorable experience and to Mrs Stevenson, Mrs Orme and Mrs Hrabovsky for accompanying the class.

Posted on May 3, 2017 .

Floating and sinking in Prep 7

Prep 7 have been learning about what makes things float or sink.  Miss McQuillan challenged them to make a heavy tile float and they used lots of different items and some ingenious ideas to make it work.  All the teams managed to make their tiles float in the end.

Posted on February 28, 2017 .

Prep 7 Explore the Titanic

Prep 7 visited the Titanic Centre and SS Nomadic last week as part of their topic learning about Titanic.  They enjoyed guided tours of the Titanic centre and SS Nomadic, had a workshop about Morse Code and other types of signalling and had fun dressing up as Titanic passengers. 

Mr Knowles came to give Prep 7 a lesson on why ships float and they worked hard make their plasticine boats stay on top of the water.

Posted on January 31, 2017 .

Armagh Planetarium Visit

On Tuesday 6th December, Prep 7 enjoyed a visit to Armagh Planetarium. The girls took part in a rocket making workshop and brushed up on their knowledge of the planets of the Solar System in the dome show. As always, the class were impeccably behaved and represented our school with pride. 

Posted on December 6, 2016 .

Prep 7 Celebrate

Prep 7 enjoyed celebrating the end of the Transfer tests with a PJs and pizza day.  Very well deserved!

Posted on December 5, 2016 .

Prep 7 Animators in the Making

Prep 7 have been enjoying using the Lego Movie App to create Stop Motion Animations about space.  The girls have worked in groups to develop a storyboard and characters.  They have taken it in turns to assume the roles of animator, cameraman and production assistant.  We will save our final version to the SeeSaw App to share with our peers.

Posted on December 1, 2016 .

A busy start to Prep 7

P7 have enjoyed a busy start to the term. They have been working hard developing our Literacy and Numeracy skills in preparation for our Transfer tests in November. However they have also enjoyed being appointed as Prefects and Anti-Bullying Mentors for the rest of the school. I know that they will rise to the challenges of these important roles.

They have also enjoyed starting work on our topic of 'Space' and have been using the iPads to research the history of space travel. Keep up the hard work and enthusiasm P7!

Posted on September 28, 2016 .

Prep 7 World Around Us Project

This year in P7, we have been piloting a World Around Us project with Miss Hamilton in conjunction with Belfast Healthy Cities. Our project was 'Healthy Places, Healthy Children' and we went on a walk of our local environment to identify factors that would enhance the place we live, work and play in. We had to submit a proposal of our idea which we presented at Belfast City Hall on Monday 21st June alongside 10 other primary schools and representatives from the Council and the Public Health Agency. We had a great day and were presented with a framed certificate and received a copy of the project with our school recognised in print for taking part in the project.

Posted on June 21, 2016 .