Prep 1 Class Information

In Prep 1 pupils follow the Northern Ireland Curriculum for the Foundation Stage. This includes the following areas of learning, Language and Literacy, Mathematics and Numeracy, World Around Us (including History, Geography, Science), The Arts (including Music, Drama and Art and Design), Physical Movement and Development, Personal Development and Mutual Understanding and Religious Education. 

Pupils participate in lessons and activities which are carefully planned to be interactive, engaging, challenging and also to develop their skills and capabilities for lifelong learning. These skills fall under the umbrella of Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities and incorporate the skills of; Thinking, Problem-Solving and Decision Making, Self Management, Working with Others, Managing Information and Being Creative.

In Prep 1 the classroom assistants support the class teacher and also the Prep 1 pupils. They listen to pupils reading, support during practical activities and assist pupils with their formal written work, whether it is working independently, in pairs or in small groups. 

Special events during the Prep 1 school year include:

  • Pupils receive specialist teaching for PE, Music and Drama throughout the year.
  • Spanish begins in the summer term of Prep 1.
  • Educational Visits – these occur throughout the year and are linked carefully with current topic work. 
  • The Christmas Performance and Prep production – pupils have a chance to perform a song on stage during the performances.
  • Sports Day – all pupils participate alongside pupils from Prep 2 - 4.