Prep 2 Class Information

Prep 2 is the final year of the Foundation Stage. In Prep 2, we aim to build on the learning which has taken place in Pre-School and Prep 1, by providing the girls with an appropriate learning programme which will help to develop the skills and competencies needed to succeed in school and future life.

Young children learn best when learning is interactive, practical and enjoyable for both the pupils and adults in the class. In Victoria College Prep, we aim to provide the girls with a stimulating, exciting and enjoyable learning experience. Our happy and relaxed atmosphere encourages self-confidence and consideration for others. 

In Prep 2, our learning incorporates the Foundation Stage areas of learning and these include:

Language and Literacy

This area of learning includes Talking and Listening, Reading and Writing. The girls enjoy reading books, exploring the library, shared news times, phonics, Action Words and independent writing tasks.

Mathematics and Numeracy

This area includes Number, Measures, Shape and Space, Sorting, Patterns and Relationships. Many of our numeracy lessons use the wide range of practical mathematical equipment and resources available in Prep.

The Arts

This area of learning incorporates Art and Design, Music and Drama. Many art and craft activities are related to our  topic based classroom themes. The girls enjoy the opportunity to paint, create collages and to work with play dough and clay.  The girls benefit from specialist teaching in Music and Drama.

The World Around Us

In this area of learning we study a wide variety of topics throughout the year. These topics include The Local Area, The Farm, Australia and Light and Dark.  To enhance this learning, the girls have the opportunity to undertake a number of visits beyond the classroom.

Personal Development and Mutual Understanding

In this area of the curriculum, the girls are taught self-awareness, self-respect and respecting others, health and safety and relationships with others, through a varied programme.

Physical Development

The girls are taught PE by our Prep PE specialist teacher. She teaches all aspects of PE including Athletics, Dance, Games and Gymnastics. In the summer term, P2 have their first 'splash' in our own swimming pool, in preparation for their weekly swimming lessons, which commence in P3.

In addition to these areas of learning, P2 also receive weekly Spanish lessons from our Prep language specialist teacher. The girls also enjoy Play Based Learning activities which link closely to the class topic.  Prep 2 benefits from two full-time classroom assistants, who work closely alongside the class teacher to support the girls in all aspects of school life.

Special events in Prep 2 include:

  • Educational visits- these are linked to our topics and include Streamvale Farm and Little Wings.

  • Prep Christmas performance- all girls from Prep 1-Prep 3 take part in our annual Christmas production.

  • Music Morning- this event is organised by the Belfast Education and Library Board. This is an opportunity to perform music alongside other local schools.

  • Sports Day- our annual fun-filled event in May.

  • Prep Annual Production- a whole school performance in which every pupil from Prep 1- Prep 7 takes part.  Past productions have included The Lion King, The Peace Child, Troy Story and The Button Box.