Prep 3 Class Information

Throughout the P3 curriculum we hope to stimulate the children’s enthusiasm for and interest in their work, encouraging neat presentation and the ability to set out written work in a legible, orderly fashion. A caring attitude towards others, especially those who are less able, is encouraged at all times, as the girls learn to appreciate their own strengths and weaknesses, and those of others. Practical work and structured activities are carried out both individually and in groups in all aspects of the curriculum, to stimulate curiosity, enhance learning, extend understanding and provide enjoyment. 

The girls enjoy weekly classes in Drama, Music and Swimming, where they benefit from the expertise of specialist teachers. ICT forms an integral part of the curriculum and the girls have the opportunity to use the Senior School ICT suite and classroom computers in a wide variety of activities, participating in the exciting challenge of competing against children all around the world on World Maths Day. Artwork is varied, and includes painting, pastel work, collage, clay modelling and textile work, where the girls learn to sew with large needles and enjoy creative fabric and felt work. Each term we look at the work of an artist and learn about his style before trying it out.

P3 outings reflect the topics taught at the time; we study Birds, Living Things, Weather, Schools and Keeping Healthy. We include visits to support these topics and invite visitors providing expertise about road safety, dental care, managing our finances and visitors from other countries. 

The P3 girls are the main actors in the Prep Christmas Performance and enjoy the challenges of Sports Day and the Swimming Gala.