Prep 5 Class Information

In Prep 5 we seek to provide a warm and stimulating atmosphere where the children are encouraged to be more independent in their learning and where each child may develop her full potential.

Study continues to follow a broad and balanced curriculum of Language and Literacy, Mathematics and Numeracy, the World Around Us, Personal Development and Mutual Understanding, ICT and Physical Education. Creative and expressive studies include Art, Music and Drama, with Music and Drama both being taught by specialist teachers. The girls also benefit from a specialist teacher in Physical Education and they participate in Hockey, Gymnastics, Athletics and Swimming. The girls continue with their French studies with our specialist language teacher, once a week.

The main cross-curricular topics in Prep 5 are Our School, Stone Age Man in Ireland, Forces and Magnetism, Pets, Modern and Ancient Egypt. The girls participate in a Stone Age workshop in the Winter term and also receive a visit from a vet in the Spring term. 

To develop independent research, ICT and Literacy skills, the girls complete a written project on a chosen pet. This is then followed by a “Bring Your Pet to School Week” – the highlight of the year! 

As part of our Art curriculum, the girls take part in an Art workshop at the newly refurbished Ulster Museum and are given a guided tour of one of their latest exhibitions. We also take this opportunity to visit their Early Man in Ireland exhibition as part of our topic work during the Winter term.

Prep 5 often participate in a Music morning, organised by the Belfast Education and Library Board. This is an opportunity to listen to and perform for other schools. 

Pupils can develop their musical talents further by performing in our annual Key Stage 2 music recital in May. Every child in the class performs in our performance at Christmas time and the whole school musical in the Spring term.