Prep 6 Class Information

Pupils in Preparatory 6 are within Key Stage 2 of the Primary Curriculum. In Victoria College Preparatory School, the girls have opportunities to experience a broad and balanced curriculum, with an emphasis on developing skills for life long learning. 

We follow the Northern Ireland Curriculum for Key Stage 2 in preparing the girls for transition to secondary school. Assessment is an integral part of the learning programme that helps to build a comprehensive picture of the progress and learning needs of each child. 

Much of the learning is approached through themed topic work in the areas of ‘The World Around Us’ and ‘Personal Development and Mutual Understanding’:

  • The Vikings: the girls participate in a variety of interactive activities, culminating in a fun filled Viking Workshop event in the school. They use Language and ICT skills to design advertisements, write newspaper reports and letters. Through Art and Design the girls design models of ships, houses and Viking jewellery.
  • Finding out about our own country of Northern Ireland, engages the girls’ ICT skills as they research, design and produce tourist brochures. They have opportunities to carry out role play as travel agents and television presenters.
  • The children are highly motivated to discover all they can about the World’s Rainforests through visits to the Ulster Museum and from classroom visitors.  The girls discover skills as weather presenters as they film their own weather forecasts for the Amazon. They are actively concerned about the environmental issues of deforestation. They use language and ICT skills to design trail guides to the Amazon and ‘Save the Rainforests’ posters.
  • Health awareness is important and the girls are encouraged to develop life long healthy habits. They learn about the importance of a balanced diet and create their own healthy menus.  As part of PDMU, the girls discover the harmful effects smoking and alcohol and learn how to deal with peer pressure. 

We are lucky to have the expertise of specialist PE, Drama, Music teachers. Prep 6 pupils have weekly lessons in these subjects. During PE classes, the girls participate in modules of Hockey, Gymnastics and Athletics. In addition, they have a weekly swimming lesson in our own pool. The girls have opportunities to compete in swimming galas in school and elsewhere. Many Prep 6 girls also join the Hockey Club, held weekly after school and compete in inter school hockey tournaments.