School Council Update Autumn / Winter 2015

Our newly elected School Council members from P1-7 met together on Friday 20th November to sign our membership certificates and to make plans for the year.

Upcoming events:

  • Christmas competition

It was decided that we would like to organise a whole school Christmas competition which would be co-ordinated and judged by the councillors themselves.  After much discussion and sharing of ideas, it was decided that the competition would involve creating a hanging Christmas decoration.

Look out for the posters made by the councillors encouraging all pupils to take part!

  • School Council Fundraising

As usual, we look forward in the Spring to our fundraising week, when we raise funds to replenish playground resources.

  • Meeting with our MLA

We have also received a letter from our local MLA who is keen to meet with us to discuss any issues relating to our school or community.

The School Council hopes to set up a meeting in the near future when members can ask our MLA questions and raise any issues or concerns.

  • End of year visit to Stormont

Councillors from P4-7 will visit Stormont for a tour of the buildings and to participate in the Education programme.

VCB Prep School Council and Mrs Burnett

Posted on November 23, 2015 .