School Council Autumn Update

The School Council met together on Wednesday 22nd November to consider new suggestions or concerns arising in each of the classes.

Each class’s councillors brought their suggestion box to the table and in turn, every issue was discussed. Our P7 councillor present took minutes of our meeting detailing suggestions to be considered.

The main topics discussed were:

  • Our new outdoor classroom funded by School Council fundraising ventures over the last two years

  • The need to purchase new playground toys

  • Votes were taken on ideas for the most popular toys

  • Ideas for future School Council Fundraising events

  • A shorter Friday with all pupils going home at 2.30pm!

At the close of our meeting, the girls were delighted to hear that our new outdoor classroom is ready for construction and will be in place in time for our Open Day on 7th December!

Construction began on Tuesday 28th November- see photo for the progress!

Mrs. Burnett and the School Council

Posted on November 29, 2017 .