SNAG Update Autumn / Winter 2015

In September we invited Mr Bousfield, our new Catering Manager, to our first SNAG meeting.  He had lots of ideas for healthy food choices in canteen that he wanted to discuss with us.  The girls in the SNAG team had lots of their own ideas too and Mr Bousfield took note of all our favourite food choices in Canteen and our ideas for things which we would like to see introduced.  We shared our thoughts on the changes to Canteen menus and were all very excited about making our own food choices at the serving hatch. 

At our meeting in October SNAG representatives shared that pupils in every class (except Prep 1) were enjoying serving themselves at lunchtimes and were really enjoying trying lots of the new options as part of the daily salad bar.  Everyone seemed very content that there was something on offer for everyoneand suggested that we could maybe include some themed foods at certain times of the year, for International Day of Languages, Christmas, St Patrick’s Day being some examples.

The Aims of the SNAG team this year are to;

  • Continue to build a good relationship with Mr Bousfield and to meet with him regularly to discuss meal options for Canteen.

  • To promote healthy snacks for school break times, both in terms of portion size and content.

  • To promote a fruit or side salad of the week, each week in canteen.

  • To survey classes about what meals they enjoy at home and would like to try in Canteen, and promote some of the pupils’ ideas as ‘Dish of the month’.

  • To visit our local Tesco branch and take part in a healthy eating trail as part of their ‘Farm to Fork’ scheme.

Posted on November 30, 2015 .