Our 2018-2019 Welcome Team

Prep 1 – Martha McMurray, Willow Steen & Isla Traub

Prep 2 – Tori Gilliland & Eva McElnea

Prep 3 – Zahra Ebrahim & Sophie Ingram

Prep 4 – Lucy Stewart & Lucy Robinson

Prep 5 – Amelie Delgado & Victoria Young

Prep 6 – Pritsana Gallagher & Emily Wilson

Prep 7 – Sarah Mallon & Eppie Hughes-Jennett

The Welcome Team’s role is to help new girls settle into their classes, make new friends and show them where everything is around school.  We enjoy playing with everyone and make sure every girl feels welcome in our school.

This year we would like to update our DVD for new pupils.  We will be very busy writing a script, deciding on locations and practising our lines!  We want every new pupil to feel they know a little bit about our school before their first day.

Posted on September 13, 2018 .