Our 2019-2020 Welcome Team Representatives

Prep 1 – Polly Coggins & Ella Savage

Prep 2 – Sofia Darlys-McCaffrey & Megan Wells

Prep 3 – Amber Jackson & Kitty Osborne

Prep 4 – Anna Corry & Eve Martin

Prep 5 – Emily Moore & Charlotte Oliphant

Prep 6 – Amelia Green & Iona Ni Nia Gibson

Prep 7 – Lilly Patterson & Maeve Whelan

 The Welcome Team exists to support new pupils who join Prep and to create a warm and caring atmosphere within school. The Welcome Team aims are: 

  •  To liaise with new students and help them to settle quickly into their new class.

  • To be involved in welcoming all new pupils, parents and visitors to our school.

  • To consider improvements that we could make to ensure all new students feel welcome in school.

Posted on September 20, 2019 .