Ulster Teachers' Union Competition

Congratulations to our Prep 7 pupil who won a competition run by the Ulster Teachers’ Union (UTU) encouraging pupils to think creatively about schools of the future. The UTU had asked students to imaging they were in charge of education and to submit ideas for improving and enhancing schools. Some popular ideas were reducing the school week to Tuesdays-Thursdays, providing the teachers with massage chairs to ease the stress of their jobs, or introducing a pets petting corner to encourage sensitivity and creativity within schools. Mrs Gilpin from the UTU attended assembly on Thursday 29 June to present Anna with a certificate and a large bag of stationery which should ensure that she is busy over the summer break. Well done Anna!

If I were in charge of school.

If I were in charge of school

There would be no uniform.

If I were in charge of school,

Bank holiday, every Monday.

Homework, what's that?

School work - skipping in the playground, more like.

School dinners - pizza, pudding, cake,

Ice cream and custard. Everything.

If I were in charge of school,

There would be no point of it anyway.

By Anna  

Posted on June 29, 2017 .

Celebration of Success

The Celebration of Success was held on Friday 23rd June and was indeed a great success!  It was a wonderful afternoon allowing parents to share and celebrate the pupils’ achievements and hard work throughout the year. Thank you to Francesca Drumm, the outgoing Head Girl of Victoria College, for her encouraging words as guest speaker at the event.

Posted on June 27, 2017 .

Stand by Me Fundraising Update

On Monday 26 June, Prep had a visit from Jonny who works with the charity Stand By Me to update pupils on the impact of their fundraising last year. During the Summer term of 2016, pupils had ‘walked a mile in their shoes’, taking a short route around Victoria of approximately one mile carrying jerry cans or large milk jugs filled with water. This was to experience a task that many children in developing worlds do daily - walking to and from a water source to bring water to their families. This year, Jonny shared with the pupils what their fundraising had enabled Stand By me to do to improve the lives of children in Ethiopia and Nepal. Our money allowed for water ponchos and underwear to be purchased for the pupils and a water trough to harvest rain water for hand washing to be installed. Thank you to all who helped make these initiatives possible.

Posted on June 27, 2017 .

Athletics Coaching at the Mary Peters' Track

Prep 7 girls enjoyed a coaching session taken by Northern Ireland athletics coaches at the Mary Peters' Track. The girls were coached in javelin, sprinting and long jump. A great day was had by all and the glorious sunshine made it extra enjoyable.

Posted on May 26, 2017 .

St Anne Trust School Choir of the Year Competition

Congratulations to our Prep 5-7 choir who were placed second in the St Anne Trust School Choir of the Year competition on Wednesday 10 May. The girls performed two pieces, Colours of the Wind and Every Time I Feel the Spirit, in the auspicious setting of the Belfast Cathedral. Competing against 11 other Primary Schools, the girls showcased their incredible musical talent. Thank you to Mrs Murray and Mrs Gillian for their guidance and instruction, and for bringing out the very best in the pupils.


Posted on May 15, 2017 .

Workshop with Belfast Philharmonic Kids Choir

Representatives from the Belfast Philharmonic Kids Choir visited the Prep School on Thursday 4 May to deliver a singing workshop to the Prep 3 and 4 classes. Pupils participated in vocal warm up activities and learnt a number of songs designed to help develop their technique and sound. The Kids Choir has almost 320 children from age 7-18 years old and is currently seeking to recruit pupils from both P3 and P4 this year. Pupils were provided with application information and encouraged to consider developing their singing talent through this choir.

Posted on May 5, 2017 .

'Bonne Chance' to Imogen!

One of our Prep 5 pupils, Imogen is off to France to compete in an ice skating competition.  The competition will run over two days with over one hundred participants in various age groups competing from all across Europe.  

Imogen's classmates and everyone in Prep wish her the very best of luck for this exciting opportunity!

Posted on May 4, 2017 .

Prep 7 Residential Trip to York

The Prep 7 residential trip to York is always a highlight and not only for the girls, but also the staff accompanying the class! This year we visited the ‘Dig!’ centre and the York Chocolate Experience before enjoying a day at Flamingoland theme park and a tour of York Minster Cathedral. The girls were impeccably behaved and a real credit to the school. A lot of fun was had tasting chocolate and enjoying the hair-raising rides but some important lessons were learnt too: always tie your shoelaces tightly before going on a wild rollercoaster and never trust Mrs Hrabovsky when she says she knows where she’s going! Thank you to the pupils for making this such a memorable experience and to Mrs Stevenson, Mrs Orme and Mrs Hrabovsky for accompanying the class.

Posted on May 3, 2017 .

School Council Fundraiser

The School Council Fundraising week will take place from Tuesday 2nd - Friday 5th May 2017.

The School Councillors have been busy creating attractive, colourful pendants which will be on sale at a cost of £1 during our fundraising week.

On Friday 5th May, all pupils from P1-7 will have the exciting opportunity to participate in a sponsored aerobics event which will take place in the newly opened Sports Centre on the Cranmore campus. We are delighted to be one of the first groups to avail of this fantastic new facility.

Proceeds from the sponsored aerobics event will be divided between the NSPCC charity and our own School Council fund for updating and replenishing our playground equipment.

Thank you once again for your continued support of our fundraising ventures.

Posted on April 28, 2017 .