School Council Fundraising Week

Key ring fundraising venture

The School Council would like to express their thanks to everyone who has purchased a key ring to support our fundraising venture. The councillors have been busy during their lunchtimes making the key rings and the response has been wonderful.

Fun Run

We look forward to our Sponsored Fun Run on Friday 7th June, the proceeds of which will go towards buying new playground resources. Pupils may come to school in their own choice of sporty clothes for our Fun Run.

Visit to Stormont

P4-7 School Councillors will visit Parliament Buildings on Thursday 13th June for our annual educational visit.

Posted on May 31, 2019 .

School Council Autumn Update

Sharing concerns and suggestions

The School Council met together on Wednesday 29th November to consider new suggestions or concerns arising in each of the classes.

Councillors brought their suggestion box to the table and in turn, issues were discussed. 

Ideas for future School Council Fundraising events

The councillors discussed a range of ideas for our Spring term fundraising week.

Suggestions include :

·         Creating merchandise to sell during our week

·         Baking competition

·         Talent show

·         Keep fit sponsored event

They have decided to take more time to discuss their ideas with their peers and they will report back with new suggestions at our next meeting.

Posted on November 30, 2018 .

Our 2018-2019 School Council Representatives

Prep 1 – Rachel O’Sullivan & Marieta Nieto Alvaro

Prep 2 – Ariana Lorber & Emily Mulgrew

Prep 3 – Eilidh Burns & Eve Burns

Prep 4 – Georgia Shannon & Olivia McKenna

Prep 5 – Rebecca Murray & Maggie Donnelly

Prep 6 – Maeve Whelan & Sabrina McDowell

Prep 7 – India Steen & Abigail Fitzsimons

This year the School Council will:

  • Focus on inviting the pupils of Victoria Prep School to express their opinions about making positive changes and improvements in our school.

  • Consult with the Head of Prep and Senior Leadership team about prioritised issues discussed at meetings.

  • Consider, share and promote new ideas for whole school fundraising ventures to further improve and increase our range of interactive   playground equipment and the outdoor learning space.

  • Plan a visit to Parliament Buildings at Stormont for councillors in P4-7 to find out about how decisions are made and laws created.

Posted on September 13, 2018 .

School Council Spring Update

The School Council is busy at present getting ready for our School Council Fundraising week which will take place from the 8th -11th May 2018

Our focus this year is celebrating the centenary of women getting the right to vote and to this end, our activities will be based around that theme.

Activities will include:

  • “Guess the grown up competition”- Baby photos will be on display in reception and on competition sheets of our mainly female staff (with one exception!) and entrants can pay £2 to match baby to adult grown up in Prep. Parents are warmly invited to participate in the competition too!

  • “A week of 100 activities”- each class will participate in a fun activity based around the number 100. Further details to follow!

  • Special Assembly panel featuring the female leaders of our local political parties.

     The School Council plans to send out letters inviting the leaders to a special question and answer session based on their school life, education and ambitions growing up.

Full details of our activities will follow at a later date.

Thank you for your continued support with our School Council week.

School Council and Mrs Burnett

Posted on March 14, 2018 .

School Council Autumn Update

The School Council met together on Wednesday 22nd November to consider new suggestions or concerns arising in each of the classes.

Each class’s councillors brought their suggestion box to the table and in turn, every issue was discussed. Our P7 councillor present took minutes of our meeting detailing suggestions to be considered.

The main topics discussed were:

  • Our new outdoor classroom funded by School Council fundraising ventures over the last two years

  • The need to purchase new playground toys

  • Votes were taken on ideas for the most popular toys

  • Ideas for future School Council Fundraising events

  • A shorter Friday with all pupils going home at 2.30pm!

At the close of our meeting, the girls were delighted to hear that our new outdoor classroom is ready for construction and will be in place in time for our Open Day on 7th December!

Construction began on Tuesday 28th November- see photo for the progress!

Mrs. Burnett and the School Council

Posted on November 29, 2017 .

Our 2017-2018 School Council Representatives

This year the School Council will:

  • ·          Focus on inviting the pupils of Victoria Prep School to express their opinions about making positive changes and improvements in our             school.
  • ·          Consult with the Head of Prep and Senior Leadership team about prioritised issues discussed at meetings.
  • ·          Consider, share and promote new ideas for whole school fundraising ventures to further improve and increase our range of interactive           playground equipment and the outdoor learning space.
  • ·          Celebrate the 100th anniversary of women receiving the right to vote.
School Council.JPG
Posted on September 27, 2017 .

School Council Fundraising

As we draw to the end of a busy year, the School Council would like to say a very big thank you to all pupils and parents for their support in 2016-17.

We are delighted to announce that our School Council fundraising activities at the start of May have raised a fantastic amount of money for the NSPCC and our own funds for updating our playground resources.

Our necklace sales alone raised £120 with costs for materials deducted and our Sponsored Aerobics raised a staggering amount of £935.30! Well done everyone!

The School Council girls presented the NSPCC with a generous cheque at our Celebration Assembly on Friday 2nd June.

New playground resources have been bought and will be available for all girls to play with during break and lunch times.

On Friday 9th June, councillors from P4-7 will make our annual trip to Parliament Buildings at Stormont for a tour of the chambers and an educational programme based on day to day activities in this important venue. We look forward to catching a glimpse of some of our politicians and the opportunity to see what goes on behind the closed doors of Stormont!

Posted on June 2, 2017 .

School Council Autumn Term Update

The School Council members met together in November to discuss their role in school and to distribute new suggestion boxes to all classes.

Mrs.Burnett read out the School Council charter and each girl signed their individual certificate, making a pledge to work hard and represent their fellow pupils during their year in office.

The girls were instructed to encourage their peers in class to use the suggestion box as a means of voicing concerns or for making suggestions of ways to improve how things are done in school.

At our next meeting we hope to share any ideas, concerns and suggestions from the boxes and then consider how these issues can be addressed for the benefitof everyone in Prep.

Posted on December 5, 2016 .

End of Year Visit to Stormont

On Thursday 26th May councillors from P4-7 travelled to Stormont as their end of year treat to find out about what goes on in Parliament Buildings. They were delighted to be welcomed by Mr Stalford, local MLA for South Belfast and were able to speak with confidence about the work of the Prep School Council.

In addition to the planned educational programme, the girls were also thrilled to have the opportunity to visit the press rooms and TV studios to see how news at Stormont is filmed.

Our grateful thanks goes to Mrs O’Brien, mother of P4 councillor Florence, who very kindly took time to give the girls a tour. The girls thoroughly enjoyed the experience and were delighted to also receive goody bags containing souvenirs from Stormont, kindly provided by Mrs O’Brien.

The School Council has had a very busy but rewarding year- well done girls!

Posted on May 30, 2016 .

School Council Fundraising- Fun Run and Key Ring Sale

The School Council was delighted to receive an outstanding final total of £2,480.60 raised by all pupils during our fundraising week. Well done everyone!

Following our fundraising week, the School Council carried out a whole school survey asking pupils for their ideas for new playground resources.

Using the information collected, new resources have been purchased and are ready for the girls to play with during playtimes. These include individual and group skipping ropes, space hoppers, balls, football nets, giant blocks, a parachute, mini- basketball stand and storage containers.

At their latest meeting on Wednesday 25th May, the councillors agreed that the purchase of a wooden shelter with seating would further enhance the playground, providing an attractive place for reading and meeting with friends. The councillors have forwarded their suggestion to the Senior Leadership team.

Posted on May 30, 2016 .

Sponsored Fun Run and Aerobics

On Friday 22nd April, all girls were delighted to see the sun shining as they got ready to participate in the School Council Fundraising challenges.

Pupils from Pre-Pre-School and Pre-School participated with great enthusiasm in a sponsored aerobics session while pupils from P1-P7 headed to the astro turf pitch to display their fitness levels as they completed laps of the course.

School councillors were positioned at different corners of the course and stamped cards for the runners as they completed laps. In the afternoon, Key Stage 2 pupils were feeling very motivated to beat the fantastic record of laps completed in the morning session by the older Key Stage 1 pupils!

Sales of key rings designed by the school councillors were encouraging too and all money raised will go towards purchasing new playground resources for the girls.  There are still some key rings available for sale- just speak to any of the councillors or Mrs Burnett.

As always, the School Council would like to thank everyone for their participation and all parents and friends for their sponsorship.

School Council and Mrs Burnett

Posted on April 27, 2016 .

Christmas Decoration Competition

The School Council organised a Christmas competition, inviting pupils from Pre-School to Prep 7 to make their own Christmas tree decorations.  There were many festive and creative creations! Well done to all those who took part and congratulations to our winners.

Posted on December 15, 2015 .

School Council Update Autumn / Winter 2015

Our newly elected School Council members from P1-7 met together on Friday 20th November to sign our membership certificates and to make plans for the year.

Upcoming events:

  • Christmas competition

It was decided that we would like to organise a whole school Christmas competition which would be co-ordinated and judged by the councillors themselves.  After much discussion and sharing of ideas, it was decided that the competition would involve creating a hanging Christmas decoration.

Look out for the posters made by the councillors encouraging all pupils to take part!

  • School Council Fundraising

As usual, we look forward in the Spring to our fundraising week, when we raise funds to replenish playground resources.

  • Meeting with our MLA

We have also received a letter from our local MLA who is keen to meet with us to discuss any issues relating to our school or community.

The School Council hopes to set up a meeting in the near future when members can ask our MLA questions and raise any issues or concerns.

  • End of year visit to Stormont

Councillors from P4-7 will visit Stormont for a tour of the buildings and to participate in the Education programme.

VCB Prep School Council and Mrs Burnett

Posted on November 23, 2015 .

School Council update - November/December 2014

On Friday 14th November the School Council members met together as a group to discuss their role as representatives for their class members.

The meeting opened with each girl receiving an agenda and noting the names of members present. The older girls were each assigned a younger member to assist with reading and note taking as items were discussed.

Certificates of membership were signed by all councillors.

We promise to:

  • Set a good example to others.
  • Work as part of a team.
  • Listen to the girls in our class and voice their concerns.
  • Be willing to share good ideas.
  • Respect the opinion of others.
  • Show that we care for our school.

Our aims for the incoming year include:

  • Discuss concerns brought to the table by pupils and consider solutions.
  • Listen and respond to pupils' ideas for making improvements in school and our local community.
  • Consider new ideas for our annual fundraiser:
  1. To finance the purchase of equipment for the benefit of pupils.
  2. To raise funds to be of benefit to our local community.
  • Develop awareness of the work in Parliament Buildings at Stormont by attending the education programme in the summer term.

Posted on December 16, 2014 .